3 Aug 2021. SCellex recruits new R&D team member(s) to method/product development.

SCellex is a start-up company operating in Meilahti medical campus of University of Helsinki. We develop a novel spatial trancriptomics method and platform to study the gene expression profiles of cells directly from tissue sections or single cells in high throughput manner. We are now strenghtening our R&D team with new position(s).

You should hold an MSc or PhD degree and have a strong background e.g. in cell/molecular biology/biotechnology/biochemistry. Experience in RNAseq, single cell sequencing and NGS library preparation / data analysis is of great benefit, as well as (fluorescence) microscopy and image analysis/AI skills. Knowledge of histopathology, oncology, immunology or drug screening assays/drug nanoparticles is also useful. The position is currently wet-lab intensive and research focused but offers diverse future career opportunities also in management and commercialization activities in a growing medtech/biotech company.

Send your application with CV, publication list and contact information of at least 2 referees preferably by 22 Aug 2021. The position will be filled as soon as suitable candidate(s) found. Applications by email to, and further information from: