SCellex is a Finnish start-up company, developing a novel high throughput spatial transcriptomics method. It is based on visual barcoding of single cell sized picowells in an array with the help of random combinations of coloured feature barcode beads. The bead loaded, imaged and AI analyzed chips are then ready for RNA capture directly from tissue sections or from single cell suspensions in high throughput manner. Picowell array format allows also customized functional cell assays and linking the desired read-out image also to the spatial transcriptome data.


30.8.2023 SCellex has a new CEO, Arto Forsberg – welcome to the team Arto!

26-27.10.2023 see you at Single Cell Omics symposium, Helsinki!

9-11.10.2023 let’s meet at SCG2023 in Engelberg, Switzerland!

14-17.6.2023 visit our booth at ISSCR 2023 in Boston!

12-15.6.2023 visit our booth at EACR 2023 in Turin!

4-7.6.2023 visit our booth at SSI2023 meeting in Turku

17-18.11.2022 SLUSH at Helsinki: SCellex was the winner of SLUSH Y-Science pitching competition!

17-19.10.2022 Meet us at Single Cell Genomics 2022, Utrecht! Come to chat at our 2 posters entitled: “Spatial scRNAseq of cells and tissues with visually barcoded beads on a picowell array” & “Spatial picowell array for high throughput functional single cell cultures and assays”.

28-29.9.2022 Meet us at Nordic Life Science Days, Malmö! Come to the Finland pavilion to meet and listen our pitch at 10:20 and 13:20 on 28th.

27.9.2022 We are seeking talents to strengthen the software development and business management teams! Please contact paivi.saavalainen@scellex.com for further details


8.6.2020 SCellex and 10 other start-ups selected to the new Health Incubator Helsinki

11.5.2020 SCellex partners with a new CancerIO consortium project on immuno-oncology

17.3.2020 Instrumentarium Science Foundation grant for SCellex

1.2.2019 Runar Bäckström Foundation grant for SCellex